Who’s the bully, again?

Here are the things that happened since we published our open letter to the Women’s Prize on 6th April 2021. Have a read and make up your mind who was attempting to “malign or bully” whom.

— while we expected the silent treatment, the opposite happened:

— 30,000 views of the letter in 24 hours

— “Detransition” and “Women’s Prize” trended on Twitter

— 280-odd people signed in total

— lots of Twitticism stubbornly insisting on missing the point

— instead of responding to the letter, the Women’s Prize tweeted a statement misrepresenting the law (they forgot what a woman is!), “deplor[ing]” it as an “attempt to malign or bully the judges or the authors.” In effect, #NoDebate #SilencingWomen. None of women’s reasonable concerns bore any weight for them. Noted.

— we replied with a follow-up letter rejecting their mischaracterisation, and urging the WP to seek legal advice regarding how to keep the prize for women only; the letter was ignored

— a rash of articles appeared in international press singing from one hymn sheet to mischaracterise the letter writers as “attacking” and “bullying” the author, e.g. in The Guardian, the LA Times, the Bookseller, the appropriately-named Dazed, Penis News (refuse to link to them), Vulture, various student publications and PR sites which aggregate and circulate press releases. [Translation: women objected to male entitlement and misogyny, and to the actions of various women to enable his anti-social behaviour, but men can treat women however they want and be rewarded for it, ergo the women must shut up and sit down…]

— thanks in part to the controversy, copies of Detransition Baby began to fly off the shelves, making no.5 on The Times’ bestseller list. Poor TP, eh!

— free expression defenders (!) Index on Censorship chimed in with a piece comparing the letter writers to violent white supremacists. Yes. Really.

— for an author who pleaded victimhood of “hate speech” (translation: some women refusing to play along with his fantasy of being a woman), he seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention, using the moment to build his cultural capital; and he seemed delighted that women’s self-defence translated into sales for him (patriarchy: it’s a win-win for the fellas, and a Catch 22 for the ladies, go figure)

— as a consequence of the WP’s swift public statement, and the death of Prince Phillip, there was no coverage in the weekend broadsheets

— IRO 100 blog comments saying “you’re wierd/shame on you/how dare you/drink p*ss t*rfs”

— roughly equal numbers of supporting comments thanking the writers for speaking up

— several individuals attempt to hack this blog in order to doxx the writers (cancel culture needs a scapegoat to warn any other potential wrongthinkers from speaking up), and mass reporting of our Twitter account in an attempt to silence us

— a male author, with a cover endorsement from Joanne Harris, bought the web address wildwomanwritingclub.com and linked it to Penguin books’ sales page for Detransition Baby, tweeting to his followers’ amusement that we had changed our position

— at the time of writing, neither Penguin publishing nor the web hosting service have done anything to prevent him from continuing to impersonate us

— an author who works for Transworld publishing tweeted that it was hilarious to impersonate women’s rights campaigners

— When we objected to the above on Twitter, someone set up a Twitter account impersonating ours (they changed their avatar and banner when we complained), replying to tweets as though they were us

— An employee of Penguin Random House, who is involved in their union, backed up the Transworld employee

— Baroness Nicholson kindly agreed to write to the Women’s Prize regarding their having lost sight of their charitable objects

— an eerie silence descended, in which nobody published anything responding to the two points made in the letter, and no counter-letter signed by everyone in publishing appeared…Interesting that none of the usual suspects want to explicitly defend the inclusion of males in a prize for females. Noted.

— we are about to email the prize for the third and final time to inform them that we have reported them to the Charities Commission for acting in contravention of their charitable objects (the same CC which has just granted charitable status to LGB Alliance, so here’s hoping sanity/the recognition of sex in law is returning)

And that brings us up to date.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with this social issue will be familiar with the “No Debate” tactics of the gender lobby. The swift smack-down by the Women’s Prize and subsequent silence on the issues raised by gender dissident women is a classic example of how this brittle scavenger ideology handles dissent: by lashing out at the dissenter, in the hope of enforcing an uneasy appearance of silence as consent.

We do not consent. We never did, and we never will.

The Women’s Prize must not have noticed (who cares, only women, right?) that one of the signatories of the letter is a group for women who are survivors of domestic abuse. In calling the letter writers hateful bigots, they erase the black women who are involved, and mischaracterise women’s self-defence as an attack on men. Thanks, Women’s Prize! Much “inclusive” of you…

A number of the signatories put their names to the letter in part because they recognise the DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender) tactics of abusers–including abusive AstroTurf campaigns masquerading as grassroots civil rights movements. Like the one we are calling attention to: transgender ideology. A man can behave appallingly but, if he claims womanhood, it’s suddenly all fine.

So, who actually got “bullied” here by an organisation with full coffers, parts of the mainstream media in its’ pocket, and a legion of social media footsoldiers in influential positions in publishing?

Is it the organisation which receives £250,000 in public and private funding per annum, and serves as a literary Queenmaker?

Or the women raising concerns anonymously on a blog?

You decide.


  • The reader reviews available online are remarkably uniform, both breathlessly positive and shallow in their engagement with the text itself. But porn isn’t made with the intention of provoking critical engagement, is it? Ever get the feeling you’re being sold a pup?
  • We predict that, now lots of people have read the book, many will be silent about what they see (who wants to be treated as we have been?) or else falling over themselves to normalise the misogyny therein, to make it seem completely unremarkable that the Women’s Prize has longlisted a man’s sissy p*rn for the prize formerly won by heavyweight female novelists like Maggie O’Farrell
  • We also predict that Peters will be shortlisted, and very likely win the prize. That way the WP judges might hope that the real bullies and harassers will spare them. Of course, as any woman who has been involved in this issue in recent years will know, no amount of capitulation–no depth of genuflection–is enough. All it takes is for you to make one slip-up in terminology which grazes a narcissist’s ego, and you’re toast. And it is in the nature of those with Cluster B personality disorders–among which cohort transgender-identifying males are overrepresented–to want more and more.
  • One token male winner won’t satisfy. The AGP contingent won’t get bored until they’ve taken everything which was women’s, at which point they would move onto a new forbidden space to colonise. The only sane response is to tell them, clearly, “no, this is not for you.” It’s not easy to show spine, these days, especially when fauxminist colleagues hover poised to divest you of your career when you step out of line. But there it is.
  • Unsolicited advice: don’t feed a crocodile cookies in the hope it eats you last. Also, don’t pander to misogynists. Some of us have children and are utterly aghast at the pop/literary culture we have to raise them in, and the fact that children’s literature is being used as propaganda to induce kids into the “born in the wrong body” cult.

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