Bullying the Children’s Author

I am a trained teacher and children’s author who has been subject to openly hostile tweets from a cohort of authors regarding my motivation for writing a body positive picture book ‘My Body is Me.’

Amongst other names, I have been called hateful, likened to an Islamaphobe, and my suitability as a visiting author in schools has been publicly called into question.

This name calling has been extremely distressing. I have had periods where I haven’t slept or eaten a meal for several days, and have been constantly crying and battled suicidal thoughts. This distress is exacerbated by my autism and natural social anxiety.

I no longer attend social publishing industry functions for fear of being shunned and I haven’t been able to focus on any sustained writing project for over a year from when this first began.

I feel I have no option but to exit my career as a writer once my forthcoming books have been released.

Rachel Rooney

*This is the book used to justify the hounding of Rachel Rooney: My Body is Me! A rhyming tale for children aged 3-6 years, its’ message is that there is nothing wrong with children’s bodies. “I am my body / My Body is me / It’s a wonderful thing / I’m sure you’ll agree.” As this runs contrary to gender identity ideologues’ ‘born in the wrong body’ belief, they consider that the author must be berated and ostracised for it.


15 thoughts on “Bullying the Children’s Author

    1. It’s all upside-down, isn’t it? A woman with autism, who has spent decades working with kids with SENs, writes a book which tells kids there is nothing wrong with their bodies. Those who believe people can be ‘born in the wrong body’ attack her relentlessly, so they don’t have to think through the implications of paediatric transitioning, all of which were made crystal clear in the Keira Bell judgment. Peak 2020.

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      1. It’s craziness. It’s so important we all don’t stop taking about this. While obviously I completely support Rachel doing whatever she needs to do to look after her own mental health (she’s given so much already), it’s vital that other women take up the mantle. I need to do more.

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      2. Hard agree. We can support those being targeted, emotionally/morally/by buying their books. We can tell those baselessly attacking their reputations that they’re out of line. We can call upon institutions to support dissident writers & artists. We can respond to public consultations. Lots we can do, and every little bit matters.

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      3. Agreed. I’m a writer currently writing a novel and considering starting a blog. I will do my utmost to counteract this harmful ideology in every area, as well as supporting those brave enough to speak in a hostile and hateful climate.

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  1. Who would have thought that writing a wonderful book for innocent children about how wonderful our bodies are, incites such abuse! The ones that tell us we are hateful for loving and supporting girls and women and putting them first, are projecting and expressing their own hatred in full view for all to see. Their self destructing attitudes leaves a trail of psychic attack victims. We women know it’s just more of the same of what millions, billions of girls and women have experienced over the millennia. Sadly the ones who’s minds have been infiltrated do not. I feel deeply for Rachel and want to retaliate on her behalf. A great injustice has been done. Her career must be revered! Her words are Golden.

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    1. The awful thing is that institutions support and condone their misogynistic treatment of women. Nobody intervenes. Heretical women have few friends in this sense. Instead of retaliating, I think we do best to support the targeted women, and carry on making arguments for why the attackers’ views are wrong, plus calling out bullying & scapegoating for what it is.

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  2. Extreme-woke bullies, both trans and not, are the worst bullies as a group that I have seen in my entire lifetime – and I have been in this world for a while now. They are also craven cowards the way they target mainly women, and leave many men alone for saying and doing the same things as their female counterparts. But that’s what bullies do – they never take on anyone they think might be a challenge to them.

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    1. Yes, I’ve never witnessed narcissistic pathology quite like what this ‘movement’ is capable of. Their loathing of heretical women seems bottomless, and once they latch onto an outspoken woman they seem unable to let go. I don’t know whether it’s that they target women with vulnerabilities, or that those women work in competitive fields with little security, or both.

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      1. I think women are seen as ‘soft’ targets for the main part. Quite often we either don’t have the same political power as men, or the same network power as men, and bullies love those who can’t gather powerful support around them. Plus men will generally fight back harder than women will, which bullies also don’t like, which is why we need to teach our girls that they don’t always need to be nice. We know that all young people can be vicious, but it’s usually a ‘gang’ thing, and it’s how they stand up for themselves when they’re on their own that matters.

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  3. What they seem to not understand is that we’ve fought this shit for centuries and will continue to do so. I have little eyes watching me and how I interact with the world. I will not be bullied into lying. I will not teach my children to deny and override the evidence of their eyes and lie to spare someone’s feelings. I will not be an unconsenting participant in someone else’s therapy programme or validation fetish.

    I will not call a man a woman.

    I will not submit.

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  4. Last year I bought three copies of your great little book for the family! Thanks for your creativity, and condolences for the ugly abuse directed at you for writing a book to help children feel good as theyw were born.

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  5. When you are abusing and bullying ,we know your argument does not stand scrutiny. To bully a woman with autism, just makes you look like people who fight for your rights and NO one else.

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  6. Dear Rachel, my heart goes out to you. I have bought two copies of your wonderful book ‘My Body is Me’ and given them to my grandchildren and great-nephews. I understand that the abuse and attacks you are undergoing have hurt you and that you need support. You have mine, and that of my large family and many friends. The heroes of the past have been similarly attacked and you can proudly stand beside them.
    I sense that this courageous stand has cost you dearly in energy and peace of mind. Be good to yourself. Take time to heal, knowing that you are respected and loved by women and good men throughout the world. Rest and recuperate and call on your many supporters to defend and protect you from this wicked onslaught.
    They won’t win.
    Bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I stand with you.
    Juliette Hughes Norwood

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