Signatories’ comments on the Open Letter to the Scottish Poetry Library

The following comments were made by individuals using this blog’s contact form to add their signature to the Open Letter in Support of the Scottish Poetry Library. The letter is now with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. No more signatures will be added, although you can still make a comment beneath the letter. We will publish her response on this blog.

Reading through, it is clear that there is a significant, pent-up demand for freedom of expression regarding the conflict between women’s rights, and trans activists’ claims to appropriate those rights on behalf of men.

Even for those whose chief concern is not the greatest attack on women’s rights in living memory, the need to resist attacks on free speech resonates profoundly. First they came for the feminists, and the poets, and I said nothing…

A few individual writers, concerned enough by the McCarthyite atmosphere in the literary world to stand with the first UK institution to resist it, cannot hope to complete the necessary work of turning this culture around at national level (not that we won’t try!).

A few hundred authors, professors, writers, poets, thinkers, librarians, and teachers, however, might stand a chance, and grow to thousands, and tens of thousands, if we keep the momentum going. Institutions have to keep step with democratic demands for positive change.

It’s time for everyone who understands the inherent value of free speech and expression – rights upon which all other civic freedoms depend – to make the debate happen, gather support, and reclaim the political stage. It’s now or – potentially – never.

Before I run out of old song lyrics and titles of self-help books, just a few more: you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Suppression breeds injustice. Stand up for free expression.

In the evergreen words of Audre Lord, your silence will not protect you. Feel the fear, and go ahead and say your piece anyway. The ideologues can’t cancel, sack and bully us all into compliance. Can they?


The freedom to write and create without fear is the hallmark of an open society.

A healthy literary culture requires the freedom to debate and disagree…

Please add me. I’m fed up of being scared to speak out.

I support the SPL. I am a poet and writer.

Using my maiden name as job hunting at 60 yrs old with stonewalled organisation and have a unique name. I am in tears at making this decision.

Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right of every citizen in the UK, silencing women is a direct conflict with these fundamental rights

Fully support this campaign for free speech, as I work in publishing. Please add my signature. I applaud the Scottish Poetry Society for their stance.

Writer, subeditor – and thank you for doing this. This issue needs sensible and reasoned debate in place of aggressive mud-slinging and highly offensive labelling coming from, almost totally, the side screeching ‘transphobia’.

Don’t contaminate the world of poetry with political ideology. Trans Women are men.

Proponents of all these positions should recognise that there is more theatre in life itself than they might at first recognise.

To lose freedom of speech is a terrifying prospect. I support and applaud the SPL.

Full support for free speech

Those who are too afraid to reason are slaves

Attempts to prevent free speech and curtail valid criticism shouldn’t be tolerated in a free, democratic society. It’s what’s enabled tyrants of all sorts to gain power. Resistance should always be celebrated.

Bullying women into silence and telling them they have no right to an opinion. They sound rather like …men.

Thank you for defending language and free speech.

Thank you for taking a stance against the gender ideology extremists.

Thank you for supporting free speech.

Free speech should not be trumped by bullies.

Shame on the SNP for championing the oppression, suppression and subsummation of women’s lived biological reality. They have out-Orwelled Orwell.

I fully support women writers who maintain their right to be recognised by sex rather than gender and the rights of women to maintain their rights to safe spaces including refuges and changing areas

We should all be able to stand up for and demand the enforcement of women’s sex based rights in laws, whilst also working for trans rights. Please respect the difference in lived experiences of women and transwomen.

Please add my name to the Open Letter in support of the Scottish poetry Society. I thank the Librarian and all the signatories for taking this stance.

Thank you for making a stand

The tension between women’s rights and trans rights is real and needs to be openly discussed without fear or favour.

It is a worry time for female born girls and women. I worry for the future of both my granddaughters, daughters, sister, nieces ,daughter in laws, elderly mother and indeed myself if our sex based rights are overridden by an ideology.

Wholeheartedly support your stance on defending free speech

Just a note of thanks for helping me articulate my frustration at seeing ‘the same old Adam’ resurfacing in a different guise. I’ve signed up to your blog and look forward to reading it.

Free speech is vital in a democratic society. Women have a right to express their views and to debate and must not be silenced or erased.

Time to make a stand

I support these poets completely.

I uphold the principle that belief cannot be enforced and that policing freedom of speech is totalitarian.

Thank you for speaking up while so many stay silent through justifiable fear of abuse or of losing their jobs. Please add my name.

It’s an old chestnut, but my Dad always said: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. ” So I’m standing.

Glad to see some common sense at last!

We won’t let this madness take over. Women will endure. We are used to it.

What is happening is truly terrifying. It’s time to pay attention and act now to protect women’s rights before it’s too late. Thank you to all those women who have been so proactive and have worked so hard to raise awareness on this issue. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have recognised the extent of the craziness and threat – and that is also frightening because many people do not understand the nature and danger of this debate. Please, please listen.

We are walking into an Orwellian dystopia if we do not stop this cult-like capture of our language and institutions.

Personally, as a lesbian, I will never accept a man as a lesbian no matter how he dresses, or what hormones he has taken or what surgery he has had.

I am writing to express my support of, and solidarity with, the Scottish Poetry Society

I am writing in support of the Scottish Poetry Library principled stance in not bowing down to bullies who wish to silence women.

I wholeheartedly support the SPL’s efforts to maintain freedom of expression for all writers.

I’m adding my support from Ireland where we have a proud literary tradition.
Never let the silencers win.
Ask yourself, who are they trying to silence.
Women deserve to be heard.

I am a trustee of a special organisation which is dedicated to supporting, protecting and homing vulnerable young women who have already suffered from discrimination , neglect and or abuse. This matters, it really matters.

Kindness works both ways

This is a further attempt to manipulate language in favour of a small and fascistic tendency; the SPL is right to withstand it.

It is time to bring some common sense back into the controversy over gender identity and women’s sex-based rights.

Well done SPL, ‘cancel culture’ must be resisted

I am writing in support of the Scottish Poetry Library principled stance in not bowing down to bullies who wish to silence women.

I am writing to express my support of, and solidarity with, the Scottish Poetry Society

Writer and lecturer, anonymous for safety reasons

I’d like to add my signature to your open letter in support of the Scottish Poetry Library. I agree fully with your sentiments and thank you for writing this letter.

Thanks for doing this. I find it ridiculous that we have got to this point. Happy to support wherever I can.

You have my full support!

Thank you so much for this much needed open letter, it encapsulates perfectly the threat to our freedom of thought and expression.

I fully support this letter and the actions of the Scottish poetry society library.

Women’s rights are human rights. Women are oppressed on the basis of their sex. Women have every right to organise, meet, write about and discuss issues affecting them as a sex class.

Creativity is impossible without freedom of expression. I support the stand taken by the Scottish Poetry Library.

A great letter. All best to and solidarity with the Scottish Poetry Library

I want my name added to your letter please! And thank you for what you are doing!

Eloquent, unambiguous, bold..and never more necessary than now

I agree with everything in the letter.

You can use my name whenever you wish to protest the misogynistic treatment of women – Julie Bindel

And please know how much I admire and applaud all that you’re doing. My publishing house is currently all about ‘diversity’ and I know that if I speak out publicly then I risk not having my contract renewed which, being the sole earner in my home (my husband’s recently become disabled and unable to work), is a risk I literally cannot afford. However, I’m getting angrier and more ballsy by the day about it, and this is definitely affecting my children – my youngest is 13 and they had one of the new PSE talks about gender on Monday. He got in an argument with the teacher when my son told her there are only two sexes and held his ground. I hope to find his courage publicly too soon.

Thank you for standing up for my rights as a woman, a mother, a lesbian, and for the rights of my daughters, our future.

I support the Scottish Poetry Library’s defence of free artistic expression. I support Women. I support the rights of women and same sex attracted people; lesbians and homosexual men and these rights should be upheld in law and in practice. We all need to speak out courageously against creeping Orwellianism and no platforming – I am grateful to the the Scottish Poetry Library for doing so.

I stand for Truth

I stand for Justice

I stand for Liberty

Louise Somerville is my real name and I am a feminist campaigner with Women’s Voices Matter

Well done.

Can’t believe this is happening.

I’m a Scottish solicitor advocate and I’ll be at the demo at the Scottish Parliament on Saturday to support the brave women who are standing up against this madness. Please add my name.

Physiologist and Developmental Biologist. I cannot stand by while women’s rights and protections are thrown under the bus and demonstrable biological reality is ignored and traduced.

Fantastic article. Things are getting just a wee bit silly now.

On behalf of all the adult woman in my life and the small ones yet to grow up.

I fully support the Scottish poetry library. Not only are Womens rights under threat but language is and without meaning in language where is poetry?

That this is needed is appalling, but it is so this letter and its contents have my complete support.

I find the concept of self-ID problematic. Conmen, liars, cheats self-ID as honest and trustworthy all the time. It’s how they operate and this legislation will force us to accept their lies and deceit.

Thanks for your principled stand.

Language is defined by common usage, we have a duty to resist attempts to redefine it to effect changes in law

Full endorsement of the letter.

Signed in support of your open letters. Organisations need to stand up to bullying and attempts to shut down debate and silence people. Willingness to engage in respectful discussion should never be refused.

Never submit, appeasement is never enough.

The surreal dystopian changes that have already taken root in the judicial system, in schools, the police, universities, Parliament, on social media are trying to force us to reject science, philosophy of language, medical ethics, child protection standards and to rewind to the Dark Ages.

Happy to support this, as a doctor, gender critical radical feminist and mother of daughters.

The intimidation and silencing of women by the trans rights movement is a disgrace.

Self ID is an appallingly bad idea that is open to abuse. Women are entitled to single sex safe spaces under the Equality Act 2010 Changing the Gender Recognition Act to allow self ID would conflict with the Equality Act.

Agree with every word.

I am complete behind this open letter. We must defend truth, facts, science, material reality.

I support the right of women to assemble and discuss our rights as women and the possible erosion of these through self I.d. in a women only safe space.

Thank you for writing this letter. Happy to add my name in support.

I’m a gender dysphoric woman. I completely understand the need to transition but also understand – maybe more than most – that GD does not mean you need to be affirmed as legally, literally the other sex, especially not it you’re non-transitioned. I support the right of trans people to live their lives free of abuse or violence, and look forward to the day when all “trans” people in this debate can say the same for women.

We must protect free speech.

Call out attempts to silence voices of resistance.

Resist the hijacking of the meaning of our language by authoritarian ideologies.

Thank you, Poetry Library for standing your ground

Shutting down debate is shutting down people and not good for society.

Thank-you for having the courage to stand up to this utter nonsense.

I don’t “feel like” a woman. I am a woman. i have no idea what it feels like to be a woman because all I can know is what it feels like to be me. Women are oppressed by way of their sex, and need to be able to defend their rights to protect themselves against oppression. Gender ideology sets out to make this impossible.

I fully support women’s rights to free speech.

1984? No thanks.

I am extremely concerned about the concerted effort by a small group of trans activists to completely prevent women from discussing an issue of such profound importance.

Thank you for supporting freedom of expression and healthy debate.

Very happy to see an organisation defending free speech and refusing to capitulate to the bullying tactics of proponents of a dangerous and regressive gender ideology. Well done and thank you.

I have opinions on Orwellian use of language!

Please add my name to the list of supporters of the Scottish Poetry Library. Their stance is to be applauded.

In solidarity

Thanks for the opportunity to add a small voice. Together we are beginning to be heard…

Please assist women in retaining the hard fought rights that trans women are attempting to erase. Please protect womans spaces so that women do not feel fearful to use the bathrooms, which by default become mens bathrooms. Protect sports and womens language.

Free speech is core to a free society.

I support this letter

Wholeheartedly support the Poetry Library!

Erasure of women is unforgivable

Thank you for standing up for women

Pleased to add my name to this letter. I am becoming increasingly concerned at the power of the minority who’re intent on usurping women’s rights by bullying and intimidation.

Please add my signature to the Scottish Poetry Library letter as follows – and thanks for writing and organising!

The exchange of ideas is why libraries need to exist.

Free speech is an integral part of a democratic society. We must resist this tyranny of the minority.

I firmly believe in freedom of expression and have sometimes felt compromised by certain activists who talk about “safe spaces” but their stridency is disconcerting to the point where I can feel uncomfortable. The Scottish Poetry Library is well managed by people I value and respect.

We must protect free speech, without it we turn into an Orwellian society, complete with our own Starsi or Cheka controlling and punishing those for ‘wrongthink’. Sex is a protected characteristic within the Equality Act, trans and gender identity are not. Sex based rights are important. Women must be allowed to speak.

Libraries are places for freedom of expression and ideas. The censoring and controlling of poets and artists sets a dangerous precedent for McCarthyism.

I would be grateful if you would add my name to the letter supporting the Scottish Poetry Library.

We have to be VERY careful about stopping women discussing/ debating issues as if they’re all anti this or that, we are not HATERS, we want fair and open talk without fear of abuse and being labelled by those who seek to destroy hard won rights.

I see that some people are giving their occupation – I don’t mind either way but I am a lecturer.

Many thanks.

This is important

I support the Scottish poetry library.

Had already written to SPL in support. Happy to sign this too.

I support the Scottish poetry library.

Please add my name. I agree with the content of your letter and am adding my name as a post concerned with these issues.

As a woman and a mother of another woman I wholeheartedly agree with the letter.

I support free speech. I oppose no platforming. I support women’s rights.

100% agree

Very happy to sign this letter. It reflects my views accurately.

Musicians and other artists should have the right to express themselves.

Thank you for your courage at a time when so many others give in to bullying.

Sex matters, facts matter, safeguarding matters.

I wholly support the views of this letter.

As a woman, as a lesbian, as a mother and as a teacher of English Language and Literature I am appalled at the attempt to erasure women, the de-platforming and cancelations of women meeting other women to discuss issues.

Thank you for organising this.

Please add my signature to the letter in support of the Scottish Poetry Library’s stance on freedom of expression. Thanks much.

Signing this because whenever anything is described as ‘not open for debate’, the one thing you can be sure of is that it should be open for debate.

In solidarity

Thank you Scottish Poetry Library

Women have fought long and hard for our voices to be heard in the public sphere. We will not be silenced.

I’d like to pledge my support to the Scottish poetry library. Free speech and open debate are vital parts of any democratic society.

I support Free Speech

Our voices matter.

I will resist the erasure of a female sex class. Trans women are trans women.

Women should never have to submit our rights.

This about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, I support the SPL

I am really concerned

A woman cannot become a man no matter how many bits of her body she modifies and mutilates. A woman has the body to grow a baby (human life!). Men have the ability to create numerous babies (numerous individual human lives!) This is what makes men and women different). A man cannot give birth no matter how much he modifies and mutilates his body. A castrated and cosmetically enhanced man is not a woman. Any one who believes that a man can become a woman is anti-science. Encouraging, indoctrinating, and medically experimenting on children is child abuse. Mermaids in junior schools; censorship and no platforming; men winning in women’s sports; careers threatened; men in women only spaces etc – scary sign of the times.

In two days time, it will be International Women’s Day. I am signing in support of the right of biological Women to be heard, a right still suppressed around the World.

China doesn’t allow free speech.
Russia doesn’t allow free speech.
Dictators don’t like free speech
Who are YOU with

woman = adult human female

Misogyny must not be allowed to endure. I do not consent to the definition of woman being expanded to include men. I respect others’ right to disagree with that. I abhor the silencing and de-platforming of women and will not allow women to be silenced merely for discussing the issues in society that specifically affect them.

I have been banned from twitter for writing “a penis is a male sex organ” also for retweeting a tweet which said that autism could be cured by transitioning, with the comment, “Wow!” The pernicious way in which women’s rights to their own descriptors of themselves, and the lies which are being told over and over with no recourse to reply is horrifying and shameful. I will not stand by and see language twisted to power, or people being silenced and bullied. Standing with you,Scottish Poetry Library. Proud of you.

Please and my name to this reasoned and constructive letter

Poetry is the free-est speech of all, in the best sense – and in every sense. I am neither Scottish nor a poet, but I am an avid reader of poetry (and am a great admirier of the Scottish women, and men, who are bravely leading a movement in support of women that I care very much about). I congratulate the Scottish Poetry Library for its stance in aiming to ensure safety and freedom for all voices.

The no platforming of women who hold a reasoned, balanced position backed by evidence is truly terrifying. It’s about time all organisations stood up to the bullying tactics which attempt to exclude these views from public debate.

It is vital to maintain freedom of speech and for women not to be silenced by bullying.

By definition, the “sex-based rights” of women and girls are the rights of female people to facilities, schemes, sports and groups that exclude males. This is nothing to do with ‘gender’, and everything to do with ‘sex’: the objective fact of male and female, no matter what subjective view you have of yourself. Everyone can now see that women’s existing sex-based legal rights are under threat from a movement that seeks to veto our capacity to define ourselves – to render meangingless our *defining noun* – and with it the legal protections that depend on it. ‘Sex self-ID’ has been a massive miscalculation, an overreach. Women and girls are now fighting back – not just to defend our rights, but to enforce them.

thank you for articulating the situation so perfectly

Self ID is not cost free. Children and women pay the price. Good on you for taking a stand for free speech.

We know what women are. We are women.

I put the safety of women first. I also believe trans people should be treated with respect and empathy.

I stand with you.

Universities (and societal discourse in general) should be places of challenge and of complicating thinking not reducing difficult issues to banal, binary arguments that silence subtlety and impassioned and reasoned thinking. Furthermore, there is a real threat here to important ideas concerning gender and femininity.

I’m proud to know that to be a woman is not merely to wear the mask that a male-dominated society dictated should be the mark of a woman. I’m proud to write it. I’m proud to say it out loud.

I fully support this as an expression of freedom of speech and the need to stand against those forces that would wish to roll back the progress that has been made over the years by sand for women. Trans woman are men.

‘No-platforming’ is authoritarian censorship. Culture and the arts should always seek to extend the parameters of debate, not to narrow them.

If we lose free speech we lose everything

I don’t believe in any gods, and that includes gender identity.

The basis of all our freedoms is freedom of expression.

Please add my name to support freedom of expression and proper debate

A fringe insanity appears to have inveigled itself into policy, education, etc. as a result of the internet and social media becoming the pivot of many people’s lives.
The easily -swayed follow along,
advantage-seekers consciously conform,
and the vulnerable are preyed on.
Human males cannot become female, nor vice versa.
Asserting this is not ‘phobic’, but the determination not to assume the delusion of those who believe it possible.

Protect single sex space

Debate is at the core of democracy. Freedom of expression is what allows us all to be human.

Thank you for standing up for women’s rights

This silencing of discussion about women’s sex-based rights needs to stop. This bullying isn’t progressive. It’s totalitarian and rooted in misogyny.

The SNP-led Scotgov = Dictatorship. They turn a blind eye to the silencing of peoples free speech. they fund lobby groups to misinform organisations about womens rights. and these orgs then silence womens voices speaking out in defence of their rights….for fear of attack or breaching laws

Without free speech we are not free, we are cowed.
I fully support SPL and salute their integrity.

We need to start listening, instead of silencing. We need to make logical and reasonable arguments, instead of empty slogans. We need to start putting the interests of women and children first in matters which concern them.

I’ve signed (and contributed a small amount to the library) because it’s vital we allow libraries of all places to be able to offer space for calm, respectful expressions of ideas.

Thank you for standing up for the rights of women and for free speech. If the definition of women becomes ‘anybody who claims to be one’, women’s rights will disappear. We will have no protection from predatory men in toilets, showers, changing rooms, refuges, and prisons, no recognition of our physical vulnerability as the smaller, weaker sex, no ability to measure the gender gap in pay or the difference in the sexes’ crime rates. Already police forces in Britain are registering rapists as female if they say so. Women must be able to describe what is happening to them and speak out about it before we are subsumed.

The right has a history of defending the idea of free speech, while doing as much as possible to suppress it in practice. It is therefore particularly chilling that this challenge to free speech should come from the nominal left. As a gay man I know only too well that we have had to win our rights by discussion and argument. It is not transphobic to consider that they should have to go through the same process. The fact that trans – or gay – people have right is not open to debate. But the content of those rights, how they should be protected, and how they interact with the rights of others, must be open to debate.

I want to thank you for your courage in the face of the intense opposition towards women who wish to speak about matters that concern them. There are those who wish to silence women and so your fairness is very valuable in the search for justice.

I have been told to ‘whisper’ my thoughts when talking about this. I hope this will help to bring back my voice and allow questioning and challenging of an ideology which ultimately erodes women’s rights and ignores safeguarding concerns.

Women’s sex based rights must be upheld. Gender identity must not be legislated for, I don’t have one and I resent the state claiming that I do. I have a biological sex and a personality, just like everyone else.

Libraries are an important public space and should support free speech and open debate, well done SPL and AK.

I think that the leap to accuse others of transphobia is not helpful nor a sensible way to look at gender roles. It is a complex area and should not be treated as if one point of view is the right point of view. Rights and responsibilities should be taken into account. It should not be reduced to simplistic arguments.

I fully support the right of a library, a place of free thought and learning, to support free thought, free speech and learning.

I am sick of hearing of women and men being no platformed or worse, losing their livelihoods because of modern McCarthyism. This has to stop – defend freedom of speech, expression and association. Saying women = adult human female is science not hate speech.

More than ever women need spaces to meet, discuss and organise. Our rights are under threat from the usual suspects- men, however they dress and identity.

Essential that we have freedom of speech for cultural diversity

Thank you to the Poetry Society for taking a strong lead on protecting the right to free speech without fear of bullying or unpleasant repercussions.

I support the stand taken by the SPL

No-one’s rights can be won by trampling over the rights of others.

I support the Scottish Poetry Library’s unequivocal stance defending free artistic expression for all who use its services.

Do the right thing.

The gender ideology being pushed by Stonewall, which is in turn pushing for changes to the GRA is regressive and negatively discriminate against women. Organisations and individuals are using this to silence, erase, deplatform, abuse, threaten, harrass and remove women’s voices from the debate.
Disagreement with gender ideology is not transphobic
Standing up for women’s sex-based rights & protections is not transphobic
Safeguarding women and girls from male violence is not transphobic
Pointing out the biological reality sex being binary and immutable is not transphobic
Refusing to accept the regressive and sexist stereotypying of gender ideology is not transphobic
Silencing, deplatforming and refusing to listen to women is sex discrimination
Failing to comply with the sex-based rights of women in the 2010 Equality Act is sex discrimination
Harassing, threatening and abusing women for being women is sex discrimination
Ignoring the negative impact of the Self-ID proposals on women, women’s right, women’s safeguarding and protections is sex discrimination
Ignoring the biological advantage of male-bodied competitors in women’s sports is sex discrimination
Failing to identify biological women as women, or trying to erase the right of women being able to identify themselves as the distinct sex-based category of women is sex discrimination
Imposing Self-ID and the negative impact it will have on women’s right to single-sex spaces without our consent is sex discrimination
Women will not be silenced. Women will not be erased. Women will not allow our rights to be be taken away without our consent.
Women are over 51% of the population and we will fight for our rights

The attempt to silence debate through intimidation is abhorrent and has no place in a modern democracy.

It is with sorrow that I subscribe to this letter: sorrow that it is needed and sorrow that I feel I must join any protest. Since my earliest years I have felt chagrin that as a girl I was not allowed to join in the cool stuff boys enjoyed. I have never felt any desire for gender re-assignment. I believe with passion that people should be allowed to express themselves in any way they choose. For now I am happy to wear trousers as they are comfortable, my hair is short because I can’t be bothered to look after it and I like model trains. This is not because I am a damaged bloke: it is because, at last, I have the confidence to be true to myself.

I stand with all the amazing women and male allies who have been speaking up for women’s rights, in the face of hostility from some gender rights activists.
Where there is a conflict between the proposals in the GRA and women’s existing sex-based rights then we must be allowed to discuss and have our well-founded concerns heard and taken into account.
Thanks to everyone who has been leading on this.

They came for the …. and we did nothing.
If we don’t stop this intimidation now, we will find ourselves without any space to think, to breathe and to debate. This is totalitarian neoliberalism on the rampage. Thank you to the Scottish Poetry Library for not turning away.

Talking about existing rights should not be controversial. Bullying and deplatforming should not be tolerated.

Talking about existing rights should not be controversial. Bullying and deplatforming should not be tolerated.


2 thoughts on “Signatories’ comments on the Open Letter to the Scottish Poetry Library

  1. I want to thank you for your courage in the face of the intense opposition towards women who wish to speak about matters that concern them. There are those who wish to silence women and so your fairness is very valuable in the search for justice.


    1. I will not be silenced. I spent 50 years of my life fighting for women’s voices to be heard. I am now 80 years old and I will never give in to those who try to take away our right to speak because they fear what we have to say.

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