FAO prime minister sunak & justice secretary raab

Dear Mr Sunak, I write to you in your capacity as Prime Minister, in my capacity as an erstwhile criminal barrister and women’s rights campaigner, with regard to the Cabinet Office’s response to our petition calling for Parliament to debate repealing the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and recategorising transgenderism under Freedom of Belief in the […]

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FAO Cabinet office

In response to our petition calling on Parliament to debate whether the time has come to #RepealTheGRA 2004, and recategorise “gender” under the protected characteristic of Freedom or Belief, you write “we believe the Gender Recognition Act 2004 is effective, strikes the right balance and allows for those who wish to legally change their sex. […]

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Petitioning parliament to #repealthegra

As of November 2022, there are three women’s rights petitions in circulation calling upon Parliament to debate biological sex and “gender” in law, and change legislation. (1) “We call upon the Government to repeal the Gender Recognition Act 2004. The Act makes it impossible in practice to keep biological men – who are statistically responsible […]

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An NHS consultation response

The NHS interim service specification public consultation ends on December 4th. I call upon anyone with kids, or who cares about kids, to respond in a manner that calls into question the role of gender identity ideology in evidence-based healthcare. If you have experience of “gender identity” services, as a service user or parent, or if you […]

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On mission creep

Yesterday, counsel for For Women Scotland submitted to the court two technical—but important—truths related to ongoing legal attempts to reconcile women’s rights and ‘trans rights’:  To date, activists, politicians and lawyers have worked together to create concepts whose conclusions are so patently absurd (e.g. it is lawful to incarcerate male prisoners—even those without a GRC—in […]

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on the ghost of goodwin

Having written a piece skimming over the main arguments in favour of retaining the GRA 2004, I note that some gender criticals who favour retention of the Act continue to cite the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) case of Goodwin v United Kingdom 2002 as an impassable obstacle to repeal. I consider this to […]

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