Why I am (Just About) Still Talking to Men about Misogyny

misogyny /mɪˈsɒdʒ(ə)ni/ noun dislike of, contempt for, or engrained prejudice against women. “she was struggling against thinly-disguised misogyny” It’s still a thing, you know. If in doubt, try to explain what Damien Barr and friends did to Baroness Nicholson this week, without reference to it. Some men have ‘mummy issues.’ They’re on the look-out for […]

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Literary Spine Hunt

Here at The Organisation we were feeling somewhat optimistic when – with JK herself having budged not one inch in her pro-woman stance – both her publishing house and her literary agency declined to fold in the face of Woke cry-bullying. I mean, she’s their star author who sells a bajillion books, so it’s not […]

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The Rowling Effect

My mother used to have fits of temper when we, as children, messed around with her ceramics. Before she had a study, no part of the family house was hers alone. She felt the effects of having nowhere to retreat to, and nowhere to keep her precious things safe from rough and curious little hands. […]

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Laurie Queersplains Things To Us

Dear Reader, You and I both will have noticed the times they are a-changin.’ Having spent the last decade writing to please my upper-middle class male paymasters (they can’t get enough of trans-inclusive pseudo-feminism, for reasons which are beyond my wit, but whom I have noticed tend to wheel out a biddable new Cool Girl […]

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Under His Eye

It is hard to summarise the psychological effects of feeling that every event you are reading at, every tweet you make, every friendship you have, every follower who interacts with you, is being policed and spied on by those who wish for you to never work again. As a writer, this has been my experience, and […]

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Using the Rainbow as a Cudgel

Having been a part of the so called Lib-fem movement for a while, it wasn’t until the start of 2019 that I began my journey down the rabbit hole of transgender activism. I had been blissfully unaware of how it affects women’s sex-based rights, how it’s incredibly sexist as well as homophobic and how, if you […]

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