Who’s the bully, again?

Here are the things that happened since we published our open letter to the Women’s Prize on 6th April 2021. Have a read and make up your mind who was attempting to “malign or bully” whom. — while we expected the silent treatment, the opposite happened: — 30,000 views of the letter in 24 hours […]

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Review: Widowland, C.J. Carey

Quercus, Hardback, £14.99 C.J. Carey’s Widowland asks the question “what if a place existed where older women, already marginalised by society, were banished?” It draws upon the author’s experience of widowhood, and her research into the treatment of older German women during WWII. These so-called “Cemetary Women” were given the meanest rations because the National […]

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Open letter to the Women’s Prize

To the directors and trustees, We write to you as concerned readers and authors. Originally, the Women’s Prize was established to recognise the contribution of female writers who were overlooked by other major literary awards. The founder launched it in response to the all-male shortlist for the 1991 Booker Prize. Over the years, the Women’s […]

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5 non-fiction books of 2020

This year I barely scratched the surface of my non-fiction wishlist, but the following titles leapt out. Caution: cancelled authors and suppressed books! House of Glass: The story and secrets of a twentieth-century Jewish family by Hadley Freeman (Fourth Estate, hardcover) In this biography, Freeman — previously best-known as a columnist — turns the contents […]

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