dear kishwer falkner

Dear Baroness Kishwer Falkner, RE: “clarifying” the Equality Act 2010 per Sex Matters’ proposal Further to Kemi Badenoch’s letter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) seeking advice on “clarifying” the definition of the protected characteristic of ‘sex’ in the Equality Act 2010, and your subsequent advice that  “A change to the Equality Act […]

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response to the editor

On the legal practicalities of protecting ‘trans people’ This is a response from an anonymous lawyer to the editor’s reply to an essay about how ‘trans people’ can be protected in law. I wrote a piece that attempted to examine how the Equality Act 2010 purports to protect ‘trans’ people using the approach the statute […]

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fao justice secretary chalk CC parole board

FAO Justice Secretary Alex Chalk KC MP CC the Parole Board We write in support of Ceri-Lee Galvin whose paedophile father, Clive Bundy, has abused gender recognition and reassignment law to adopt the fake female identity “Claire Fox.” Alongside Ceri-Lee, we call upon the Parole Board to reverse its decision […]

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dear mr varadkar

We are women’s rights campaigners based in the UK. We write to you in your capacity as Taoiseach. At a recent press conference, you said that you first found out about “Barbie Kardashian” (Alejandro Gentile) – the misogynist psychopath housed in Limerick women’s prison – “at the weekend” – 18-19 March 2023. However, this has […]

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the editor replies

A lawyer recently wrote a guest blog on the subject of how sex secrecy certificates (GRCs) need to go if practicing transgenderists are to enjoy ‘gender reassignment’ discrimination protection in practice. This was an immensely generous-spirited piece – particularly given what we know about men abusing gender laws to evade safeguards – that attempts intellectually […]

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I am, to be honest, kicking myself that I didn’t write this post sooner. It might have given those advancing strategies and goals with which I strongly disagree something tangible to chew on. When women like myself bang on about “safeguarding” duties, what powers are we referring to? And do GC groups even understand the […]